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What is buildsask?

buildsask connects the construction community – owners, architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers – with access to opportunity. As the largest online construction service provider in Saskatchewan, buildsask is the only service that encompasses everything from pre- to post-bid. The opportunities available on buildsask include:

  1. pre-bid database – forecasts future construction opportunities in realtime;
  2. plan room – projects in active tender;
  3. restricted access plan room – private projects in active tender; and
  4. lows & awards report – lists the top three bidders giving current market value of cost per square foot.

All project information can be published in one convenient online hub, with automatic notification of addenda and any changes in the projects. The information on the hub is utilized by more than 1,100 construction companies across the province and is managed by a team of experienced professionals.

buildsask is brought to you by local construction associations in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert; and, is supported by the Saskatchewan Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Association.


  • Access to Opportunity
    Eighty per cent of my firm’s construction opportunities come through the buildsask hub.

    Corey Hunchak, Clearlite

  • Market Intel
    buildsask is a valuable resource for judging the market and deciding which projects to pursue.

    Ryan Dusselier, Head Estimator, Ledcor Construction Ltd.

  • One-Stop Shop
    Our experience has been exceptional – we can access all the projects online 24 hours per day.

    Tyler Pochynyk, Clark Roofing

  • Time-Saver
    buildsask allows us to do the estimating and quoting portion of our work much quicker.

    Miles Dyck, Gang Nail Trusses and Building Components

  • Time-Saver
    buildsask saves an incredible amount of time in producing estimates. A typical job would take me around three hours to estimate. With buildsask, I can reduce that time to under an hour.

    Raymond Stewart, CP Distributors

  • Convenience
    You don’t have to get in your vehicle or track down an owner or architect to get a paper set of drawings. It’s at the click of a finger and you just download it from the buildsask website.

    Curtis Kincaid, Kincaid Interiors

  • Reliable
    buildsask is easy to navigate, up-to-date, a reliable source of information, provides very well maintained real-time results, and is a necessary tool in the bidding process.

    Sarah Cowan, Contract Sales Rep, Ardell Steel Components

  • Better Communication
    buildsask gives you the opportunity to call the general contractor to know where your price stands, so you can gauge yourself within the industry

    John Moreau, Saskatchewan Interior Systems Inc.

  • Plan Ahead
    As construction supply house it’s very important for us to know when projects are going to be coming online and to be involved from the design state through to completion

    Dave McLeod, Brockwhite Canada Ltd

  • Plan Ahead
    If you are going to do commercial construction, using buildsask is an absolute must. The tool is very valuable for any company looking to bid on potential work.

    Behnam Samadi, Future Painting Ltd.

  • Up-to-date
    The pre-bid information on buildsask is very helpful in keeping us informed on upcoming projects, which makes my job easier.

    Darrell Apperley, President, Apperley Electric Ltd.

  • Thousands of Projects & Specs
    You login to buildsask and the projects are listed right there and you can sort them chronologically or by project type to see what’s out there.

    Ryan Dusselier, Ledcor Construction

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